Consumer Product Design


In a world of ever evolving technology, designers must strive to stay ahead of the curve with both their FUNCTION and FORM.

This project was introduced as a means to study Human Factors, as well, strive to redesign a product that is commonly found in stores everywhere.

The goal was to create something that would grab the attention of a customer and not only appear visually nice, but also function in a unique way. In this case a belt clip that would rotate/lock in 360 degrees.

3D Modeling

Bus Stop

When you think about a bus stop; what comes to mind? Bland? Boring? Dirty? Dark? Maybe even, dangerous? This projects goal was to prove wrong all of those preconceptions.

Unique, would be a good word to describe this design. Including a mix of clear and tinted safety glass with a modern hint of visible brushed metal. The curve of the structures body makes it stand out from its surroundings and adds some flare to a normally bleak scene.